Having a stump in your property can be a hazard and can cause unexpected injuries when left unattended. There are two most common in getting rid of the stump in your property, one is stump removal and the other is stump grinding.  



So, what is really the difference between the two? 


Stump removal may really get rid all of the remnants of the stump you see in your yard every day, however removing the stump means also removing all the roots that are still intact with the stump and it can be a big project. Since stump removal means removing all the roots that are deep in the ground, heavy equipment can be needed to finish the job properly. Moreover, since heavy equipment is involved, you will be left with a big hole in your yard. Therefore, this process of getting a stump out of sight is a better option for people in business that might want to clear up a land however home owners don’t necessarily like stump removal since it can leave an aesthetic problem in the yard after the process of the removal. 


Stump grinding is more favorable when it comes to home owners. Unlike a stump removal, stump grinding is a process that does not necessarily need to get rid of every bit of roots deep in the ground. Through a grinder, the stump is ground until it is in pieces. Even if this process still leaves you a hole in your yard, it is not as massive compared to a stump removal.   


Since stump grinding does not necessarily get rid of all the roots from a tree stump, does it regrow? 


This question is often raised however the answer is a firm no. When a tree stump is ground the roots that has been left behind will deteriorate or rot along with time. As it has been said that stump removal leaves a big gaping hole in your yard while stump grinding does not, there are still concerns regarding caving of the area of where the stump was grounded. Since, the roots degrade through time and becomes part of the soil, you won’t have trouble with caving issues because it is a gradual process.  


So, what is the significance between both processes of getting rid of a stump? 


The important part between both processes is how they differ. Stump removal is a more extensive approach in the process of getting rid of a stump, on the other hand, stump grinding is a lesser extensive approach. So, if ever your concern is on residential properties, then the best option is to stick to stump grinding to eliminate problems with your yard’s soil caving in.  


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